Welcome to the website of "GID-POL I"!

We are a transportation and forwarding company based in Gidle, Łódzkie Province (Poland). The company was established in 1991 and provides domestic and international transportation and forwarding services.

Our services are rendered using a modern fleet of vehicles.

Throughout Europe, we enjoy the reputation of an honest and reliable carrier.

The company is growing dynamically and continuously investing in new transportation equipment. We specialise in deliveries to Germany, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, France and Spain. Goods are carried on vehicles with various capacities, volumes and different body styles.

We also provide repairs of truck and farm machines and sell parts for farm machines.

We focus on reliability, safety and failure-free operation.


"Gid-Pol I"
Transportation and forwarding company

ul.Reymonta 49
97-540 Gidle +48 34 327 20 25 gidpol@wp.pl